A Word from our Directional Pastor, Bill Elliff

A Word from our Directional Pastor, Bill Elliff 

God is so wise.

How many of us have made decisions in life that led to chaos? "There is a way that SEEMS right to a man, but the way is death." That is why He has ordained a way for us to hear from Him (through His Spirit and His Word). If we are willing, we can know the will of God...for a life, a family, a church.

Along with that, He wisely tells us that the guidance of the most important organism on the earth, His church, is to be placed in the hands of a plurality of men. These must be men who are called by Him and who bear in their lives the evidence of God's activity. The paramount qualification for those men is not skill, but character.

One man, even a godly man, can miss the Lord. But in the "abundance of counselors there is victory," God says. A group of godly men, who are unanimous in their purpose and agenda have a great chance to correctly hear God's will for His church and oversee that direction.

I am so grateful for the Elders God has placed in this body. Over the formative years of The Summit I have watched them face many tough decisions. All of these men have the kingdom of God at the core of their hearts. All of them are willing to place their personal agendas aside to see "His kingdom come and His will be done on earth as it is in heaven." The Elders have been the rudder of this ship, navigating us through the shallows as well as the rapids.

We would covet your prayers that this kind of leadership will continue for the glory of God!


By God's grace,