Summit Church Elders

Kyle Hollaway

 Elder, Financial Team Leader

Elder bio
What is your full name?
William Kyle Hollaway
What is your role at the Summit Church?
Where were you born? When?
Hot Springs Ar, Feb. 27, 1969
Where did you begin Kindergarten?
Fukuoka, Japan (on mission field)
Where did you go to college?
University of Tampa, Tampa, Florida
Ouachita Baptist University, Arkadelphia, Arkansas
Tell us about your family. Who, how long, how many, how old?
Married 14 Years
Rebekah (36) Wife
Moriah (12) Daughter
Benjamin “BJ” (11) Son
Andrew (9) Son
Eden (7) Daughter
Lydia (3) Daughter
Joshua (2) Son
When you are in your free time, what are you likely to be doing?
Hanging out with Bekah and the kids
During the summer – at the Pool
Building something
How long have you attended the Summit Church?
Since inception
Why are you an elder at the Summit Church?
I have a heart for serving God in whatever capacity He directs (and I couldn’t say no to Merlin…)
What do elders do in our church? 
Lead, oversee, teach, pray, oversee finances/personnel, shepherd, pastor
What do you do as an elder?
 (see above)
Who taught you about spiritual matters? Who discipled you? Where did you study? Who are your spiritual influences?
As a child, my parents were instrumental in teaching me the fundamentals of Christianity. Some of the most influential men in my life since coming to the Lord in college have been: Ian Cosh, Jim Kinney, Tim Grissom, Lewie Clark and Bill Elliff. The most influential woman has been my incredibly beautiful and Godly wife, Rebekah. She has modeled Christianity in all aspects of her life and it has been a great motivator and challenge to me.
How did you come to Christ? Give us a brief testimony.
I had a strong “head-knowledge” of Christ growing up on the mission field, but did not have a personal relationship with him. Due to family issues and my own depravity I fell into a pattern of sin and isolation, ultimately fleeing both my family and God. In college I finally reached a point where the reality of my situation overwhelmed me and I cried out to God for salvation and rescue. On Dec 31, 1989 I met Jesus Christ and he became the Lord and Savior of my life. The ensuing 17+ years have been an ongoing process of growing and learning.
What authors have influenced you? What books have meant a lot to you?
RC Sproul                     Chosen By God
C.S. Lewis                    Mere Christianity
John Eldridge               Wild At Heart
Erwin McManus            Seizing Your Divine Moment
Garry Friezn                  Decision Making and the Will of God
Frank E. Peretti            This Present Darkness & Piercing the Darkness
Tim LaHaye
& David Noebel            Mind Siege
Tell us something about how you connect with God.
Waking early before the family and spending time in the Word and in prayer…often taking a moment to observe his magnificent Creation coming to life.
What Bible verse(s) has had particular meaning to you and why.
Romans 4:18a,20-21
“Agains all hope, Abraham in hope believe…Yet he did not waiver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God, being fully persuaded that God had power to do what he had promised’
I was going through a period where I was broken and desperate for God’s deliverance. When it didn’t come in the time/manner that I desired I was really stretched in my faith. God brought me to these verses and they pointed me to the eternal Hope of Christ’s salvation and reward. I am encouraged every time I think on these verses!
In a sentence, what have you learned about God this past year?
Some of the sweetest times with the Lord are when He is carrying you through the valleys of life. While these times can be difficult, when you emerge and He sets you by still waters you long for the closeness you experienced.