Summit Church Elders

Bill Elliff

 Elder, Directional Pastor, Teaching Pastor

Bill Elliff bio
What is your full name?
William Robert Elliff

What is your role at the Summit Church?
Directional Pastor

Where were you born? When?
1951, Little Rock

Where did you begin Kindergarten?
Kansas City, Mo.

Where did you go to college?
Ouachita Baptist University

Tell us about your family. Who, how long, how many, how old?
Holly and I have been married 38 years. We have 8 kids
Jennifer,33, married to Randy Rogers. They have 3 kids, Parker, Maddie, and Carter
Becca, 31, married to Ragan Washington. They have 3 kids: Truth, Isaiah, and Jude
David, 29, engaged to Mary Marsh
Joshua, 25
Bethany, 23
Daniel, 20
Timothy, 17
Jessica, 15

What is your current occupation?

When you are in your free time, what are you likely to be doing?
Spending time with family. I also enjoy woodworking and golf, but never have time for it!

If you were caught in a fire in your home and could only pick up two things, one in each hand what would they be?
my Bible in my right hand and my computer in my left

How long have you attended the Summit Church?
Founding pastor

Why did you join the church?
At the beginning

Why are you an elder at the church?
To give shepherding leadership to our church

What do elders do in our church?
Shepherd, oversee, pray, teach, lead, and example godliness to the flock

What do you do as an elder?
Oversee the church, Teach, Preach

Who taught you about spiritual matters? Who discipled you? Where did you study? Who are your spiritual influences?
I was greatly influenced by my grandfather, father and brothers who are all pastors. I have had many men disciple me over the years and am still learning.
I received my Masters in Divinity at Southwestern Seminary and my Doctorate at Mid-America seminary.

How did you come to Christ? Give us a brief testimony.
At the age of 7 I realized my sin and need for Christ. My mother led me to Christ as we knelt together by a small tan couch.

What authors have influenced you? What books have meant a lot to you?
Hundreds...but a few that are prominent
George Mueller of Bristol, A.T. Pierson
Moody, by Pollock
The Spontaneous Expansion of the Church, Allen
Sharpening the Focus of the Church, Getz
Purpose Driven Church, Warren
Biblical Eldership, Strauch
Romans, Ephesians, and Sermon on the Mount commentaires by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Complete Counseling Manual, Adams
Fresh wind, Fresh Fire, Cymbala
Multiple books by Tozer
Multiple prayer books by E.M. Bounds
Prayer, Hallesby
Sacred Romance, Eldridge
Wild at Heart, Eldridge
Preaching and Preachers, Lloyd-Jones

Tell us something about how you connect with God.
My pattern is to spend time in the morning, whenever God decides to awaken me, in His Word and prayer. This is the indispensable fuel for the day and my life. I also seek to spend days alone, retreating with God.

What Bible verse(s) has had particular meaning to you and why.
“But I do not consider my life of any account as dear to myself, so that I may finish my course and the ministry which I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify solemnly of the gospel of the grace of God.” Act 20:24
My life’s verse and passion.

What has been the most meaningful time with God that you have had and why was it meaningful?
The turning point in my life happened at age 17. I had rebelled for several years, with remorse, but found myself unable to walk with Christ like I knew I should. Finally, the Lord brought me to the end of myself and I turned in total dependence to Christ. It was here I began to learn what it means to be filled and controlled by the Spirit of God who lived in me. This experience shaped and changed my whole life.

In a sentence, what have you learned about God this past year?
That God is far bigger than we imagine. I saw, during our revival last spring, that God could do far more than I had ever dreamed. I believe He can do this, not only in a church, but in our nation.