Our Story

Our Story

Our Elder Team is the overseeing body of The Summit Church of North Little Rock, Arkansas.  This web-site is an extension of the communication of our Elder Team both inside our team and externally to the Summit Church and outside the church. 
Our church cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention.  Click here for our beliefs.


The history of The Summit Church.....

The story of The  Summit Church is not about a building, a program, or a method. It’s about people—people of all ages who need to find the purpose in life that God has given them. The mission of The Summit Church is simple: To cooperate with God in developing fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  That's why we exist.

Located at 6600 Crystal Hill Road in North Little Rock, Arkansas, USA since September 1999, The Summit Church began in November 1998 with 300 people meeting in a high school gymnasium. Now, centrally located at the junction of I-40 and I-430 in North Little Rock, our church ministers to those in North Little Rock, Maumelle, Little Rock , and surrounding regions. We have grown into a thriving community of more than 1000 people who gather weekly to worship God and learn from His Word, The Bible, in a practical and relevant way.  In addition, many people from our congregation have found their places of service around the world, telling others of the good news of Jesus Christ.

The Summit Church is committed to reaching the next generation for Christ. Our worship services are designed to be relevant to today's issues.  Our worship music style is modern.  Our preschool and children’s ministries both combine biblical training with wholesome fun. The purpose of the Summit Student Ministry is to glorify God by transforming teenagers into fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. Our young adult ministry (18-26 years)  focuses on those who are in college, single, and or young professionals.

Although the Summit Church strives to minister to the next generation, we also remember today’s generations. With dynamic ministries to both men and women (Outfitters—men’s ministry, Legacy—women’s ministry, Summit small groups, and prayer groups), The Summit has a deep commitment to evangelism and equipping people for life. We believe that connecting with others through quality relationships helps create a healthy and authentic community of believers.

Looking past our own borders, mission trips are a routine part of life at The Summit Church. Whether someone wants to serve in the inner city of urban America, be part of a medical team in the Dominican Republic or Suriname, traverse the mountains of Slovakia, minister in Krasnoufimsk and Ekaterinburg, Russia or reach college students in Thailand, Summit members are truly on mission for Christ around the globe.  Several of our members are now permanent missionaries in various places.

Our core values and mission statement indicate what we as a church hold dear.  These statements are an abbreviated summary of the commands that Jesus Christ has given us as believers.

Our directional pastor, Bill Elliff, is passionate for God to come in revival in our nation and for reformation to come in the church. Understanding the times, he believes that the next generation can be reached for God's glory through truth and grace.  The Summit Church is about people who want more than just the American status quo. We are on mission with God … sharing the only true hope for this world: the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.  The Summit Church is a community of people where God and people meet—a place where we become what we are meant to be.